I’d like to Teach My Child My Way—A Plea from a Parent

I need to vent a little. My wife and I are frequently frustrated when, after disciplining or teaching our son in a public setting, our parenting methods are suddenly open for discussion and critique. I’m certain we aren’t the only parents who experience this frustration. Well meaning friends, family, or aquaintences are all to happy to eschew their experiences or knowledge to course correct your wayward parenting. I’d like to say that, generally, I don’t think this is an acceptable social behavior.

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5 Reasons Simplicity is Hard

My wife shared an article with me by a Samoan author expressing how moving back to Samoa reminded her that we can do without many of our possessions, and we could do with some healthy simplification in our life.

Let us not confine our living to such superfluous and excessive habits. Let us seek to broaden our experiences by using that God given mandate to stretch our creative abilities to make do with what we have and appreciate it…It is not about what we obtain in our earthly possessions, it is about how we live our lives with the ones we love.

Like this author, my association with the Samoan and broader Polynesian cultures has showed me the joy and freedom that comes from a simple lifestyle.

As my family and I continually try to simplify our lives, there are several things I have learned that make simplicity difficult.

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A Different Perspective on Affluenza and the Ethan Couch Case

Recently, an extremely intoxicated 16 year old young man named Ethan Couch, took the wheel of a car and ended up killing four innocent people. He was sentenced to 10 years of probation. Part of this sentence includes a private rehabilitation center that has a price tag of $450,000 a year. This ruling has infuriated many who see this as the rich buying their way out of jail.

I think the media is, unsurprisingly, representing only one side of this story. Let me share what could be another way of looking at this story.

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